Eero Aarnio Originals – the sole authorised manufacturer of classic designs by Eero Aarnio.


We are the sole licensed manufacturer and distributor of the design classics by Eero Aarnio. Founded and based in Finland, we produce each and every productwith love, highest quality materials and careful handcrafting. The corner stones of our collection are the Ball Chair, Bubble, Pastil and Pony. Have a look through the whole collection of the classics below ranging from the iconic Ball Chair to our newest family member Kisu!

Ball Chair 7.200€
Bubble 4.300€
Mini KISU 220€
Pastil 1.900€
Kisu 109€
Wooden Parabel 1.390€
Parabel from 3.500€
Screw from 1.900€
Pony 2.200€
Formula 2.800€
Rattan Mushroom from 340€
Mushroom from 750€
Tomato 2.300€
Copacabana 1.300€
Gift Card from 31€