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Leather Ball Chair


The Ball Chair designed in 1963 by Eero Aarnio is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture of the past decades. Still today, it has remained as fresh and modern as ever. For years we have received requests about the possibility of upholstering the iconic Ball chair with leather. The premium version of the iconic classic is finally available. The Leather Ball Chair is upholstered with the finest and softest leather, enabling the most elegant and luxurious finishing touch. Get your own upgraded classic now, and bring the look that radiates luxury to your living room.

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Delivery time at the moment is 6 weeks.

Product details

Dimensions: 110 cm width x 97 cm depth x 120 cm height

Materials: Fibreglass shell, aluminum foot, polyurethane foam cushions, upholstered with natural leather

“...and since I tend to simplify things, I removed all the corners”

“Well the idea probably came from our need at home for a chair that would be large enough for both Pirkko and I to sit in together. And since I tend to simplify things, I removed all the corners.”“My intention, once decided, was purely functional. To create the most practical form for this new material (fibreglass) I was working with. A sphere seemed the right shape for a strong and malleable material.”